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There are many ways of participating in Project Gym during the 2014 Winter/Spring semester:

Full-Time Membership: $150 for a semester that runs March and April 2014.

Full-Time Membership includes a personal Creative Trainer who will be available to help council the member on their project and goals for the semester. Admission to every session within the semester and the opportunity to teach or focus on individual project in at least one Sunday session.

Members MUST be able to attend regular sessions.

Guest Pass: $12 per session during the March and April semester.

Guest pass provides admission to any Sunday session.

Guest pass does not include the opportunity to teach, lead a project session or work with a Creativity trainer. Individual work with a trainer can be arranged for an extra fee.

Home Gym Membership: $50 for the month of February.

Home Gym Membership includes a personal Creative Trainer who will be available to help council the member on their project and goals and provide prompts for creative work. They will have access to a password protected online space for sharing creative experiments and will have access to weekly google hangouts for fellow members.

Members must have regular access to internet and ability to participate in Google hangouts.

If you have any questions click here to send an email.


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