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Project Gym past members were asked what they gained from Project Gym.

Here’s what some responded:

“I’ve met several new and exciting people. I’m more comfortable with abstract movement than literal movement.”

“I’ve learned more about how others perceive their artistic careers. I’ve learned a little bit of fencing. I’ve learned a little bit of tango. I’ve learned a little bit of juggling. I’ve learned a lot about the projects I brought in”

“This has been my first work with viewpoints. I started learning a new way to memorize lines, but I would have to consult my notes to actually do it. I’ve learned that I fear the sort of play that I supposedly do well. I need to challenge myself more. I’ve learned that I do not notice color as much as I think I do. I’ve learned that I can teach some things.”

“That visual creativity doesn’t mean “lifelike reproduction.” That taking risks in a supportive environment is SO not stressful. That I can be more creative physically than I thought I was comfortable with. That helping others with their projects and ideas is fulfilling. That creativity leads to camaraderie.”

“Making contacts across discipline. Collaboration across discipline. Tai Chi. Yoga. Flamenco.”

“How to draw a human body proportionally. How to be someone’s body echo.
That I can still learn things. That I don’t have to be afraid of my own project.”

“That as artists our work sits on a various of continuums, which I think means we have lots of options in directions we can explore. Play is essential to creativity. The willingness to participate wholeheartedly in whatever the activity is goes a long way toward building trust. There is often a difference between how you perceive your work and how others perceive it, and it’s important to get non-critical perspectives on it (not if it’s “bad” or “good”) but simply what is it. That all of us in the DC arts community are connected somehow, it’s just a question of degrees of separation (and there’s something really important/valuable/wonderful about uncovering those connections).”

“It’s possible to be creatively energized in the span of even 90 minutes in a room full of strangers engaged in a novel activity together. I am more resistant to engaging in these sorts of activities/groups than I thought I was. We should all sit on the floor more often, especially when having a conversation with people.
I re-learned what it’s like to feel foolish, then feel more foolish for “feeling foolish,” then access that moment of pure play. Collaborating artistically doesn’t necessarily have to mean everyone methodically contributing to the same piece/event.”


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